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One of the most delicate tasks in the branding area is modification of the existing company's image.

Often identity assets of the establishment are being developed sporadically, and without general plan. If that have happened the outcome will have lack of consistency, and because of that will be weak from the perspective of maintaining the cohesive company image. This situation will be requiring re-branding via consolidation, which is not modifying the overall style of the establishment, however adjusts all corporate identity assets to follow the same guidelines visually, and from the logistical perspective.

Another reason for re-branding effort is updating the corporate identity to follow the contemporary trends in style, and presentation. This type of re-branding is recommended to companies, who already have functional and successful branding policies, which are however outdated. In this case the goal is to perform minimally invasive changes, aiming to preserve the brand recognition, and at the same time increase the positive comprehension of the brand by potential clients.

AGoffice is well equipped to perform both of the above re-branding procedures. Please, contact us to find out, which re-branding strategy will work for you.


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