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  Corporate Style

Single most important part of company’s marketing is corporate style, the combination of features, which establish the brand’s recognition by targeting audience. Creation of successful corporate style involves several steps:

1. Defining company’s profile
During this step the research is conducted to determine what style, colors, and marketing strategy will be optimal for company presentation.

2. Rendering style’s features
Based on first step various styles features are chosen and created: the color preference, the choice of fonts and typographical solutions, the logotype, and others.

3. Designing style assets
After the choice of the stylistic solutions is made, various marketing materials are designed based on the style: website, printed marketing materials, business cards, etc.

4. Creating style guidelines
Based on selected style features the guidelines are created for further usage. The objective of this step is to ensure that future additions to company’s marketing materials will be consistent with selected style, and will support the existing branding solution, as well as increase brand recognition by potential customer.

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Random Designs
ME of NY
Auto electronics and modifications website. New York based company.

The party on the go
Connecticut based luxury transportation, nightlife and entertainment company.
Mission Agency
New York based nationwide credit card debt settlement service. Project includes order processing system.