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  Research and optimization

There are several reasons for conducting marketing research:

- Target audience analysis
It is vital for successful marketing campaign implementation to have information about economical, psychological and demographical profile of customers, who can be interested in companies services or products. AGoffice can generate and analyze this information in order to create the marketing items, fine tuned to the needs and preferences of potential client.

- Advertising campaign and traffic expansion research
AGoffice provides several options on expanding the website’s prominence on the Internet. Even the best website will have no value, if it has no visitors. In order to create and expand the online project audience, we will:
  • Optimize your website for better search engine visibility, and ranking
  • Analyze the options regarding paid advertisement, and plan search engine advertising campaign for you (e.g. Google Adwords campaign).
  • Research the potentials of free advertisement options, including efforts of artificially enhancing website’s rankings.
  • Provide quality visual advertising means (banners), and professionally written advertising copy (texts).

- Website operations monitoring and analysis
Often, even websites with substantial traffic find themselves in the situation of minimal or absent response. In some cases it is purely related to the product featured, or poor advertising efforts, however sometimes the reason is – disorganized user experience. AGoffice will conduct the research of user behavior patterns on your website, and recommend the enhancements, with a goal of increasing customer’s interest in the website content and providing potential client the specific routes. As a result this enhancements will create patterns likely leading the website’s visitor to the areas of importance for you (price list, shopping areas, list of services), and urging client to act upon the content of the website, (e.g. call the company, make a purchase, visit additional pages of the website, join the mailing list, etc.). Another aspect of website analysis is reviewing of the content, and recommending the enhancements to the ways information is presented to the client via providing professionally written texts.

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